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Study Guides – Linux+, Security+ and CWNA

Written by Girl Geekette on September 8, 2010 – 22:28

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Complete List of ASCII Codes

Written by Girl Geekette on July 2, 2015 – 09:31

ascii code	0	NULL	(Null character)			
ascii code	1	SOH	(Start of Header)			
ascii code	2	STX	(Start of Text)			
ascii code	3	ETX	(End of Text)			
ascii code	4	EOT	(End of Transmission)			
ascii code	5	ENQ	(Enquiry)			
ascii code	6	ACK	(Acknowledgement)			
ascii code	7	BEL	(Bell)			
ascii code	8	BS	(Backspace)			
ascii code	9	HT	(Horizontal Tab)			
ascii code	10	LF	(Line feed)			
ascii code	11	VT	(Vertical Tab)			
ascii code	12	FF	(Form feed)			
ascii code	13	CR	(Carriage return)			
ascii code	14	SO	(Shift Out)			
ascii code	15	SI	(Shift In)			
ascii code	16	DLE	(Data link escape)			
ascii code	17	DC1	(Device control 1)			
ascii code	18	DC2	(Device control 2)			
ascii code	19	DC3	(Device control 3)			
ascii code	20	DC4	(Device control 4)			
ascii code	21	NAK	(Negative acknowledgement)			
ascii code	22	SYN	(Synchronous idle)			
ascii code	23	ETB	(End of transmission block)			
ascii code	24	CAN	(Cancel)			
ascii code	25	EM	(End of medium)			
ascii code	26	SUB	(Substitute)			
ascii code	27	ESC	(Escape)			
ascii code	28	FS	(File separator)			
ascii code	29	GS	(Group separator)			
ascii code	30	RS	(Record separator)			
ascii code	31	US	(Unit separator)

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Adding Quick Launch Bar in Windows 8.1

Written by Girl Geekette on February 8, 2015 – 15:37

So, before Windows 8.1, there was one method to add Windows Quick Launch (I love so much more than pinning to Task Bar!). Now that Windows 8.1 has come out, there is a slightly different method to add the Quick Launch bar.

To restore the Quick Launch toolbar in Windows 8.1, follow these simple steps:

  • Right click on an empty space of the taskbar. From its context menu select the Toolbars -> New Toolbar… item.
Quicklaunch Windows 8.1a

Quicklaunch Windows 8.1a

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