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Chrome TAB Solution – Duplicate

Written by Girl Geekette on December 24, 2014 – 10:11

So, you click on a link with the middle mouse button. You wait for the link to open in a new tab. But, it doesn’t, and you do not want to lose your place, yet you want to see the link in a new tab.

What to do?

Try Right Clicking on the tab itself, and then click on “Duplicate”

What this is going to do – is it will make a duplicate copy of the tab / page you are on. Including the history. So, after you duplicate your tab, go back to the original one, press your back on your original webpage to go back to where you click on the link at. Now you have your original page with the link on it and a new browser tab with the destination of the link – just as if you opened the link in a new tab as you wanted.]

This works with Chrome Browser in Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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Windows 8 – Shutdown Shortcut

Written by Girl Geekette on October 16, 2013 – 01:22

Navigate to the location where you want to create the shortcut, right-click and go to New > Shortcut.

For location of the new shortcut, enter the following command: shutdown /s /t 0




Click Next, and name the shortcut as Shut Down (or anything you like).

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