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Windows 8 – Shutdown Shortcut

Written by Erica St. John on October 16, 2013 – 01:22

Navigate to the location where you want to create the shortcut, right-click and go to New > Shortcut.

For location of the new shortcut, enter the following command: shutdown /s /t 0




Click Next, and name the shortcut as Shut Down (or anything you like).

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Windows 8 Random Thought Review

Written by Erica St. John on July 4, 2013 – 02:31

That is what I have to say right now about Windows 8.

Ok, so now you might be wondering why I find windows 8 interesting, or what I think is interesting about it.

I have it working now, so it works like.. well.. 2 completely different computers in one, or like working in a full screen vm with a tablet/phone screen in one and a normal desktop tweaked for proficiency in the other.

The screen I am looking at this while I type it – the XP/98/Vista/2000 (and you can make Windows 7 act like this with a quicklaunch bar) looking plain ole desktop. I have modified it enough to make it not look like a regular/normal default Windows 8 “desktop”. I changed it and made it look like what I am used to. Also what I am more proficient with. (For some modifications to windows * showing those customizations, see


Don’t get me wrong, I know how to and can navigate with a default 8 desktop one, but I was able to configure it to what I want/need/am more proficient in, now that I know I can use the default / basic one.

So, the other computer I was talking about.. well the picture below shows an error trying to login to my “people” app by adding my google account. (But that is a different story.)

If I alt-tab, I get a completely different look – almost like running a different OS in a VM full screen you can flip over and look at, use to see everything at once – or a visual start bar. The *metero* phone / tablet/ Xbox like look in a desktop fashion (without a touch screen!)

Everything runs off of apps. Granted, the one I was trying to run is not running correctly, hence the error, but anyway. I have my xbox apps, weather, people, windows media center, etc all on one screen.

But, I also like having all of the look and feel i had in windows xp/vista look (which I also modded Windows 7 to look like). So I have gotten it to where I can be the most proficient with it and still be windows 8 ;)

I am glad MS didn’t take away the choice to have best of both worlds ;)

yes, interesting. The true test will be is after I learn this operating system, will I go back to using a majority of my time im Linux. I that all day long. my test will be to see which i I end up in more.

So yes, I find it interesting I have a lot to explore / learn with Windows 8. I have to get used to that, and take advantage of the new look / use of it with apps.

((so, this was a rant off the top of my head. Did I proof read it? No, why? because it was a random though so I wrote what I thought. Now, how real is that? :P

((Are there typos? Prob. but oh well. If I change anything, it wont be the same. Ask me if I care.))




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